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--- /trunk/doc/html/boost_asio.html     Wed May 27 03:09:50 2009
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+<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
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@@ -34,45 +34,40 @@
- Boost.Asio is a cross-platform C++ library for network and low-level I/O programming - that provides developers with a consistent asynchronous model using a modern
-    C++ approach.
+ Boost.Asio是一个跨平台的C++库,它用现代C++方法为网络和底层I/O程序提供了 一致的异步I/O模型。
 <div class="variablelist">
 <p class="title"><b></b></p>
-<dt><span class="term"> <a class="link" href="boost_asio/overview.html" title="Overview">Overview</a> +<dt><span class="term"> <a class="link" href="boost_asio/overview.html" title="Overview">概述
- An overview of the features included in Boost.Asio, plus rationale and design
-        information.
+        Bosst.Asio的功能概述、原理和设计理念。
-<dt><span class="term"> <a class="link" href="boost_asio/using.html" title="Using Boost.Asio">Using Boost.Asio</a> +<dt><span class="term"> <a class="link" href="boost_asio/using.html" title="Using Boost.Asio">使用Boost.Asio</a>
- How to use Boost.Asio in your applications. Includes information on library
-        dependencies and supported platforms.
+ 如何在你的应用程序中使用Boost.Asio库,以及关于库依赖和所支持平台信 息。
-<dt><span class="term"> <a class="link" href="boost_asio/tutorial.html" title="Tutorial">Tutorial</a> +<dt><span class="term"> <a class="link" href="boost_asio/tutorial.html" title="Tutorial">指南</a>
- A tutorial that introduces the fundamental concepts required to use Boost.Asio, - and shows how to use Boost.Asio to develop simple client and server programs. + 介绍使用Boost.Asio的基本概念,同时示范如何使用Boost.Asio开发简单的 客户端/服务器程序。
-<dt><span class="term"> <a class="link" href="boost_asio/examples.html" title="Examples">Examples</a> +<dt><span class="term"> <a class="link" href="boost_asio/examples.html" title="Examples">示例</a>
- Examples that illustrate the use of Boost.Asio in more complex applications.
+                       在更复杂的应用程序中使用Boost.Asio的示例。
-<dt><span class="term"> <a class="link" href="boost_asio/reference.html" title="Reference">Reference</a> +<dt><span class="term"> <a class="link" href="boost_asio/reference.html" title="Reference">参考</a>
-        Detailed class and function reference.
+      类和函数的详细参考。
-<dt><span class="term"> <a class="link" href="boost_asio/index.html">Index</a> +<dt><span class="term"> <a class="link" href="boost_asio/index.html">索引 </a>
-        Book-style text index of Boost.Asio documentation.
+      Boost.Asio文档索引。

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