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Hi, Jana. Where do you get all your books? *smile* I have four books that 
someone let me borrow in October, and I was supposed to give them back but I 
never saw her again, so I guess they're mine now, considering she's changed 
her number and we have, too. *smile* Anyway, one was already on Bookshare. 
I've scanned one and have validated about half of it, but not the rest, and 
I want to finish reading over it before I submit it. I found an entire 
chapter that needed rescanning, so I did that, but I want to make sure I 
don't have to redo anything else. Take care.
Julie Morales
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Hi, Pshon!  you might enjoy The Zion Covenant, by Brock and Bodie Thoene.  I
submitted all of those, as well as a ton of other Christian fiction and
biographies.  I have a lot more, too, if I can manage my time well enough to
scan them! <Smile>  Take care!


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> I'm reading a  Christian  series by D. Henderson. Any other suggestions of
> Christian fiction?
> Pshonmystery
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>> Way to go, Amber.  What kind of book is Mermaid Chair?
>> And where does Sex Lives take you, i.e. o what
>> countries or places?
>> I'm now reading Faceless Killers, the first of the
>> Kurt Wallender detective stories by Henning Mankell.
>> The book is set in Sweded -- in fact, this is an
>> English translation. Kurt is a  homicide detective
>> who's recently divorced from his wife; whose daughter,
>> probably in late teens or early 20's, is somewhat
>> estranged from him; and who  listens to opera and
>> drinks alone at night  to assuage his pain at the
>> divorce. In this book he and his team have to find
>> the killer or killers or an elderly farm couple, the
>> male of whom  has a secret past. It's easy reading --
>> not tense or scary, which I like, i.e., I don't like
>> mysteries that are tense or scary.
>> Cindy
>> -- Amber Wallenstein <amber.wallens@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> > What is everyone reading?  I'm currently editing The
>> > Sex Lives of Cannibals, and hope to have it up for
>> > approval soon.  It's a really funny travel log.  I
>> > am also editing the Mermaid Chair, the new book by
>> > Sue Monk Kidd.  So peoples, whatcha reading?
>> > Amber
>> >
>> >
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