[bookshare-discuss] Re: verifying a book that was uploaded

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If you upload a book successfully.  First, your computer goes to
sleep while the book is uploading.
Therer is a little whearlie-wheal which a sighted person can
see, but the screen reader can't.
Second, at the end of the process the sight sends you to a
"thank you page"
Thank you Reinhart Stebner for submitting (title of book) . . ."
then some other words.

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Subject: [bookshare-discuss] verifying a book that was uploaded

> How do I tell if I have uploaded a bookand how do I tell if it
has been
> excepted or not?
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> Subject: [bookshare-discuss] outstanding! but. . .
> I see my book Kicking the Sacred Cow is now on the sioght.
> Thank you to whom ever validated the book.
> Earlir though I sent up a book A State of Disobedience by Tom
> Kratman.
> Is that there?
> My goal is to catch up with Shelly the Book-monster.
> I realize that's a long hill to climb,. but I dream big!

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