[bookshare-discuss] Re: verifying a book that was uploaded

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If you've been approved as a volunteer, select the "step 1" link for the 
validation page where books can be downloaded.  Then use the 2nd search box 
for title and see if it's there.  The first box on top is for the main 
site -- not the validation page.  Sometimes newly submitted books are at the 
bottom of the list, but I've noticed others at the beginning or in the 
middle of the list of books awaiting validation.

For your other question about what books you've already downloaded: 
I set up folders and put all books by subject or author together.  You could 
download and unpack all books to a "Star Trek" folder and keep them after 
you read them to avoid confusion about what else to download. HTH
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Subject: [bookshare-discuss] verifying a book that was uploaded

> How do I tell if I have uploaded a bookand how do I tell if it has been
> excepted or not?
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> Subject: [bookshare-discuss] outstanding! but. . .
> I see my book Kicking the Sacred Cow is now on the sioght.
> Thank you to whom ever validated the book.
> Earlir though I sent up a book A State of Disobedience by Tom
> Kratman.
> Is that there?
> My goal is to catch up with Shelly the Book-monster.
> I realize that's a long hill to climb,. but I dream big!

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