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On the other hand, if you're going to say [PICTURE DESCRIPTION: ...] or 
something like that, there's certainly nothing wrong with saying [END 
DESCRIPTION] or something similar.


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  Well, you can't please everyone no matter what. I don't think using words is 
appropriate; I believe messing with the book should be kept to a minimum. And 
besides, the symbol is used often in books to indicate change of scene or 
passage of time, so that is what I use to preserve blank lines in books that do 
not have them, or to preserve blank lines in poetry.

  As for the [end of desccription] notice: I think it's usually pretty easy to 
tell when a description is over without having to write that.


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          A short while ago a member posted that when she read by listening (is 
that Daisy?) with punctuation off  the bracket at the end of a description and 
asterisks that indicate several line spaces between sections went by so quickly 
that it was hard to process them mentally. I responded with a post that asked 
if it would be preferable for me to write the words, i.e., asterisk(instead of 
using the symbols)  and  end of description ( instead of a final bracket at the 
end of a description; no one responded yea or nay. Today a member told me that 
when she's listening  the words asterisk(s) are somewhat disrupting. I have in 
the past beenusing only one or 2 asterisks; I understand many people use 3; 
maybe then they wouldn't fly past so fast. In the book I'm proofing now I'm 
using the words, and I won't go aack to change what I've done,but I can 
continue using the symbols or continue using words, and I'd like to know what's 
preferable for the next books I proof.


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