[bookshare-discuss] old scanning systems

  • From: Rick.Roderick@xxxxxx
  • To: bookshare-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 14:45:49 -0400

Hi everyone,

This discussion of the Reading Edge is interesting.  Of course, there was
the hardware/software version called the Reading AdvantEdge.

However, at that time, I was using TeleSensory's Oscar.  It actually used
its own processor which fit into a DOS PC. 

Oscar was good for the time, early 90s.  However, one could not scan even a
clean document without a lot of errors, some of which were memorable.

I was scanning material for a conference so that I could braille it.  I
suddenly saw, "Do not accept personal snacks."  That didn't make sense to
me, especially since I was hungry.  A colleague looked at the original and
told me that really said personal attacks.  It would also give me malting
instead of mailing, so I guess it had food on its mind.

I am currently using Kurzweil 6.  There is no comparison between the two.


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