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  • Date: Sun, 08 Jan 2006 13:06:10 -0600


I just joined the list, though I am not yet a member of bookshare.

I was 18 years a dos user with apple before that. So I'm a recent user of windows--xp with window eyes.

One observation and one question:
I have noticed that the braille-note m-power gives me a little different information than my pc does: windows xp with window-eyes 5.
I found that the pc gives me lots more to read; the m-power is a little more truncated and brief.

Question: I was a fairly savvy dos user with zip files and such at my command either in a utilities file or on the main drive. How do I find a zip file now? Does xp have one or am I forced to find it elsewhere?
Where do I want it? Do I make a folder on the hard drive for my upcoming down-loaded books from book share? And do I put the zip utility in it? Or do I just magically invoke a unzip command, leaving the zip utility where it is--or where it presumably is.

Remember, I'm rather a simple soul. My degree is not in computer science. You might call me a true nerd.

Thanks in advance,


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