[bookshare-discuss] just submitted the God I Love

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Hi everyone,
I just submitted The God I Love by Joni Eareckson Tada. It is under the rtf 
section of the website. I read through it and fixed as many errors as I could 
but could only give the book a fair rating. It is a wonderful and inspiring 
read and a great book to add to the collection! Joni is one of my favorite 
authors and I read anything by her that I can get my hands on! Here is the info 
from the book jacket..
In a split second on a hot July afternoon a diving accident transformed the 
life of Joni eareckson tada forever. She went from being  an active young woman 
to facing every day in a wheelchair. In this unforgettable autobiography, Joni 
reveals each step of her struggle to accept her disability and discover the 
meaning of her life. the hard earned truths she  discovers and the special ways 
God reveals his love are testimonies to faith's triumph over hardship and 
suffering. Mary

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