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I get an interesting message every time I read on of your
messages. Outlook Express says
"Central European Windows"
At first I thought it was a subject line getting bonced wround
from reply to reply but is isn't.
I am using windows-98.  Do you have some odd settings in either
your email client or in Windows itself?

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I like to play around with numbers  and discover what they
really tell me.
I just did some research comparing English books rated
excellent, good and
fair both rated adult content and not.  I also compared  Spanish
books rated
adult content and not.  I used the links on Jake’s web site to
accomplish my
task.  This project was done as of 12:55 MDT.  Here’s what I

There are a total of 23,373 English books on Bookshare, and
there are 244
Spanish books on Bookshare.  This gives us a total of 23,617
books up on the
site.  There are 1,007 books rated adult content in English and
7 Spanish
books rated adult content.  I don’t know much more about the
Spanish books,
but I have more statistics on the English books.

By doing some careful adding and subtracting I determined that
out of the
1,007 English books rated adult content, 47 are rated fair, 285
are rated
good, and 675 are rated excellent.  There are a total of 1253
English books
in the collection rated fair.  There are 22,120 English books
excellent and good.  There are 17,386 books rated excellent.

When I changed my settings to block adult content, I found
22,366 English
books.  I found that 1,206 of them were rated fair, 21,160 were
excellent and good, and 16,711 books were rated excellent.  That
means that
there are 4,734 English books rated good in the collection, and
4,449 of
those books are not rated adult content.  The total amount of
books rated
adult content is 1,014.  Seven of those books are in Spanish.
That also
means there are 237 Spanish books not rated adult content.

This tells me as a user and a volunteer that the quality of the
is very high and getting better.  We should all be very happy.
I also want
to say that the staff are doing a great job, and keep it up.

Kasondra Payne

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