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Beginning in the early 1990's, David Weber began writing a
science fiction series around a lady  named Honor Harrington.
Honor Harrington is a citizen of the Star kingdom of mantacore
and begins her Career as a lieutenant in the Manticoran space
The series begins within Basilisk Station which is the first in
a long series of books.
Below, I will reprint my library entry for the series.
Several other writers have also written stories in the
Honorverse and Crown of
Slaves in one of them
Although Crown of slaves is set in the Honorverse, Ms Harrington
plays no role in the book.
I highly recommend you read the series from the beginning.
Crown of slaves will mean more to you then.
Start right now!
Use your Kurzweil demo to go online to the Baen Free Library and
download On Basilisk Station which is in there.
I believe it is also on bookshare, but the Baen webscription
copy is their copy and is perfect!
If you like, here is what I wrote in my library.
I have bought all the books from Baen Books so have electronic
Bookshare requires, though, that you scan a book for upload, you
cannot upload the electronic version.
The book is so good that it's worth the work so others can read
In rereading what I just wrote, I should note that Honor
Harrington was no lady, at least not at first.
The queen elevated her during the series, but she comes from
Griffin to Manticore a commoner and moves in to the peerage by
pluck and merit.

Honor Harrington Series

Since this is a large series it is found in its own entry in the
Below are the books in order.
Eleven were written entirely by David Weber, one by David Weber
and Eric Flint, and four were edited by David Weber.
The four listed as edited by weber contain stories by other
writers in the same universe.  These stories flesh out the
history of the kingdom of Mantacore and the universe around it.
One story goes back several generations in the Harrington family
to tell how tree'cats became associated with humans and
especially the Harringtons.
Of the four More then Honor was copywritten in 1998, Worlds of
Honor in 1999 Changer of worlds in 2001 and Service of the sword
in 2003.  .
Changer of worlds should be read between Ashes of Victory and
War of Honor; especially because the story by Eric Flint,  from
the Highlands, fleshes out events that take place in War of
Honor.  Crown of Slaves, also fits, as closely as I can figure
in the history contemporanius with or just before the events
depicted in War of Honor, this in spite of its having a later
copywrite date then War of Honor.  War of Honor refers to events
in Crown of Slaves.

October 24, 2004.
An emailer from bookshare adds to my note on Crown of Slaves.

You mentioned that, as close as you can figure, Crown of Slaves,
in the history contemporanius with or just before the events
depicted in War of Honor.  It actually takes place at the same
time as War
of Honor.  You can tell this from the end of Chapter 40 in Crown
of Slaves.
It mentions that Honor's task group is due to leave for Sidemore
in 3 days.
The task group leaves for Sidemore between chapters 19 and 22 in
War of
Honor.  Also, Cathy Montaigne is referred to as the former
Countess in
Chapter 1 of Crown of Slaves, and Zilwicki doesn't even suggest
to Montaigne
that she renounce her peerage to run for a seat in the Commons
until Chapter
8 of War of Honor.

That's what's so nice about e-books.  It doesn't take much time
to find
something you're looking for if you can come up with the right
words to
search for.

Honor Harrington:

On Basilisk Station
The Honor of the Queen
The Short Victorious War
Field of Dishonor
Flag in Exile
Honor Among Enemies
In Enemy Hands
Echoes of Honor
Ashes of Victory
Crown of Slaves
War of Honor
Shadow of Saganami

edited by David Weber:
More than Honor
Worlds of Honor
Changer of Worlds
Service of the Sword.

Sincerely Yours:
Duane Iverson

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