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Honor Harrington comes from Sphinks not Griffin.

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> Beginning in the early 1990's, David Weber began writing a
> science fiction series around a lady  named Honor Harrington.
> Honor Harrington is a citizen of the Star kingdom of mantacore
> and begins her Career as a lieutenant in the Manticoran space
> navy.
> The series begins within Basilisk Station which is the first
> a long series of books.
> Below, I will reprint my library entry for the series.
> Several other writers have also written stories in the
> Honorverse and Crown of
> Slaves in one of them
> Although Crown of slaves is set in the Honorverse, Ms
> plays no role in the book.
> I highly recommend you read the series from the beginning.
> Crown of slaves will mean more to you then.
> Start right now!
> Use your Kurzweil demo to go online to the Baen Free Library
> download On Basilisk Station which is in there.
> I believe it is also on bookshare, but the Baen webscription
> copy is their copy and is perfect!
> If you like, here is what I wrote in my library.
> I have bought all the books from Baen Books so have electronic
> versions.
> Bookshare requires, though, that you scan a book for upload,
> cannot upload the electronic version.
> The book is so good that it's worth the work so others can
> it.
> In rereading what I just wrote, I should note that Honor
> Harrington was no lady, at least not at first.
> The queen elevated her during the series, but she comes from
> Griffin to Manticore a commoner and moves in to the peerage by
> pluck and merit.
> Honor Harrington Series
> Since this is a large series it is found in its own entry in
> library.
> Below are the books in order.
> Eleven were written entirely by David Weber, one by David
> and Eric Flint, and four were edited by David Weber.
> The four listed as edited by weber contain stories by other
> writers in the same universe.  These stories flesh out the
> history of the kingdom of Mantacore and the universe around
> One story goes back several generations in the Harrington
> to tell how tree'cats became associated with humans and
> especially the Harringtons.
> Of the four More then Honor was copywritten in 1998, Worlds of
> Honor in 1999 Changer of worlds in 2001 and Service of the
> in 2003.  .
> Changer of worlds should be read between Ashes of Victory and
> War of Honor; especially because the story by Eric Flint,
> the Highlands, fleshes out events that take place in War of
> Honor.  Crown of Slaves, also fits, as closely as I can figure
> in the history contemporanius with or just before the events
> depicted in War of Honor, this in spite of its having a later
> copywrite date then War of Honor.  War of Honor refers to
> in Crown of Slaves.
> October 24, 2004.
> Note:
> An emailer from bookshare adds to my note on Crown of Slaves.
> You mentioned that, as close as you can figure, Crown of
> fits
> in the history contemporanius with or just before the events
> depicted in War of Honor.  It actually takes place at the same
> time as War
> of Honor.  You can tell this from the end of Chapter 40 in
> of Slaves.
> It mentions that Honor's task group is due to leave for
> in 3 days.
> The task group leaves for Sidemore between chapters 19 and 22
> War of
> Honor.  Also, Cathy Montaigne is referred to as the former
> Countess in
> Chapter 1 of Crown of Slaves, and Zilwicki doesn't even
> to Montaigne
> that she renounce her peerage to run for a seat in the Commons
> until Chapter
> 8 of War of Honor.
> That's what's so nice about e-books.  It doesn't take much
> to find
> something you're looking for if you can come up with the right
> words to
> search for.
> Gerald
> Honor Harrington:
> On Basilisk Station
> The Honor of the Queen
> The Short Victorious War
> Field of Dishonor
> Flag in Exile
> Honor Among Enemies
> In Enemy Hands
> Echoes of Honor
> Ashes of Victory
> Crown of Slaves
> War of Honor
> Shadow of Saganami
> edited by David Weber:
> More than Honor
> Worlds of Honor
> Changer of Worlds
> Service of the Sword.
> Sincerely Yours:
> Duane Iverson
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