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Hi, Kellie. The Braille Lites also have programs now that will convert HTML 
and Microsoft Word files into plain text to be read on the unit, but yes, 
the unit can only deal with text files directly...well, that and .brf. If 
you work with a Word or HTML file, in order for the Braille Lite to use it, 
it first converts it into a plain text file, which we all know isn't 
foolproof in itself! Take care.
Julie Morales
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Hi Stacey,
I don't know what the limitations of the Braille Lite are since I use a BN,
but there are guidelines about what format files need to be in. Most files
are in rtf and need to be uploaded as rtf. I seem to remember that the
Braille Lite could only work with txt and brf files--is that true of your
unit or was that just way in the past? If you can only work with txt files,
the best thing would be to choose txt files from the download page.
Otherwise, as you said, you can always work on brf files. The thing is,
there usually aren't very many brf files.

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