[bookshare-discuss] Trouble loading large books

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Actually, I've had that problem with longer books, and  I do think JAWS has
locked up the system because I stop hearing the processor access the hard
disk.  I've also walked away like you suggested, Kelley, but it didn't seem
to matter how much time I left it.  I had originally thought JAWS was having
problems due to a programming error introduced because Freedom Scientific
originally assumed an upper limit to HTML file sizes which were surpassed
when books started becoming available in the HTML format.  Now, I have no
idea what the problem might be since I've occasionally been able to get Word
to load the file when Internet Explorer couldn't.  Lately, I've been trying
to launch the book from Windows Explorer and have been having a little
better luck at opening books that will not open if I attempt to load it from
Internet Explorer or Word.  I'm hoping that JAWS 6 fixed the problem, but I
still haven't been able to load JAWS 6 due to a problem with my hard drive
and haven't had the chance to rebuild it or swap my drive out with one in an
older computer.  The only consistent work around I've found so far is to
split the book into two or three files if Word is able to load the book.
Also, I've found that just because Word doesn't load the file on the first
try, it might do it on another attempt.


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Hi Ron,
It may be that JFW isn't crashing, just taking absolutely forever to process
the huge files. I would open it, then go away for fifteen minutes and come
back and see if it loaded. Jaws searches files for links and other such info
when you open them in Explorer, and if the file is big it can take a *long*
time, especially if you have an older computer.

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