[bookshare-discuss] Submitted: SuperBolan #98: Predator Paradise

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Here's a SuperBolan for those who enjoy the exploits of Mack Bolan or, for 
those unfamiliar with the series, for those who enjoy hard military 
action-adventure.  In the .rtf section for validation.


AUTHOR(s): Don Pendleton, Dan Schmidt



The action smacks of black ops, but Mack Bolan is wil to deal himself into the 
game at Stony Man's bidding,] riding shotgun with Cobra Force Twelve on a 
mission to round up the worst of the worst, from Africa through the Middle 
East. It is a quick and dirty sweep of the most wanted of global terror.

But Bolan's gut tells him something is wrong from the start, and that Colonel 
Ben Collins and his force of hardcases are into more than American 
justice--something that smells like blood and betrayal. Playing it out long 
enough to separate the truth from the lies, the Stony warrior wades through the 
slaughter zones, hunting the enemy and watching his back. If some or all of 
Cobra Force turn out to be vicious, merciless predators hiding behind the Stars 
and Stripes, they'll earn the sword of justice cuts both ways.

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