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Hi Julie,
My disability was approved on March 20 or somewhere around in there.  I've 
downloaded lots of stuff and love it.
Stacey and GEB dog Amigo

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>Hi, Stacey. I hope you've been made an official member by now. It's
>interesting, because when I joined, it took me less than a week if I
>remember right, but maybe I was just lucky. I did see where it could take a
>few weeks, so I was really surprised when it didn't take mine that long to
>go through. Do they send the request to any given library or to the national
>office? If they send it to your regional library based on where you live,
>maybe that's why it might be different for different people. Take care.
>Julie Morales
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>Hey Stacey,
>    Yes verifying through NLS can take a while. The website says within two
>weeks. Mine took just over three. I truly was displeased with the wait. It
>took multiple inquiries via email to even be told it can take longer than
>two weeks... I would probably have done the other method had I known it
>would take longer than two weeks...
>    I think that if it is going to take longer the site should be corrected
>so that so many people aren't annoyed.

>But I'm definately happy with it now and enjoy volunteering just as much...

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>Subject: [bookshare-discuss] Still awaiting approval of disability

>> Hi all,
>> I'm still awaiting my disability approval to go through.  I filled out the
>part for using nls as approval.  I did all of this on the last Friday in
>February.  I still haven't heard anything about wether I'm approved or not.
>I emaile Merissa about validating books as I had some quesitons.  I haven't
>heard back from her; however, when I logged in to look at the my account
>page it took me to the volunteer home page.  It still says my appoval of
>disability is pending.  How long does this usually take?  I know requests
>don't go to nls until Wednesday I figure mine would have gone to them last
>week.  I'm just eager to be able to dowload copyrighted books.
>> Sorry for all of the questions.
>> Stacey
>> Ps.  Thanks for reading.

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