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Hi, Stacey. I hope you've been made an official member by now. It's 
interesting, because when I joined, it took me less than a week if I 
remember right, but maybe I was just lucky. I did see where it could take a 
few weeks, so I was really surprised when it didn't take mine that long to 
go through. Do they send the request to any given library or to the national 
office? If they send it to your regional library based on where you live, 
maybe that's why it might be different for different people. Take care.
Julie Morales
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Hey Stacey,
    Yes verifying through NLS can take a while. The website says within two
weeks. Mine took just over three. I truly was displeased with the wait. It
took multiple inquiries via email to even be told it can take longer than
two weeks... I would probably have done the other method had I known it
would take longer than two weeks...
    I think that if it is going to take longer the site should be corrected
so that so many people aren't annoyed.

But I'm definately happy with it now and enjoy volunteering just as much...

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Subject: [bookshare-discuss] Still awaiting approval of disability

> Hi all,
> I'm still awaiting my disability approval to go through.  I filled out the
part for using nls as approval.  I did all of this on the last Friday in
February.  I still haven't heard anything about wether I'm approved or not.
I emaile Merissa about validating books as I had some quesitons.  I haven't
heard back from her; however, when I logged in to look at the my account
page it took me to the volunteer home page.  It still says my appoval of
disability is pending.  How long does this usually take?  I know requests
don't go to nls until Wednesday I figure mine would have gone to them last
week.  I'm just eager to be able to dowload copyrighted books.
> Sorry for all of the questions.
> Stacey
> Ps.  Thanks for reading.
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