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Hey Cindy, where is this website.


And actually there were two movies based on the cars run amuck.  One is 
called "Trucks" and is one of my younger brother's favorite shows.  The 
other was oh, wait, the truck one was called "Maximum Overdrive" and the 
other was something about a phantom car.

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-When I was googling to remind myself of the title of
Misery, I found a Stephen King site -- from A to Z.
When it didn't have a book to list for the letter, it
had interesting facts about his life. I didn't
realize, for example, that he met his wife Tabitha
when they were both working at the library.

Anyway, I was reminded of his book Night Shift (I
think that was the title). It's a collection of short
stories that he'd published elsewhere. I read it a
long time ago, and still remember some of the stories.
 I think one, where all motor vehicles revolt and trap
and attack humans in a gas station, was mde into a
Twilight Zone episode. One was about a wringer washing
machine attacking its owner. Since I was using a
wringer washer at the time, that made an impression
(fortunately not literally--smile). And there was one
about a man helping another man to stop his smoking
habit -- I think that was made into something shown on
tv, too.


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