[bookshare-discuss] Scanning Solutions (finally!) for a Mac

  • From: "Judy s." <mjstouff@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 11:04:56 -0400 (EDT)

After some trial and error, I finally have a new scanner and the software
to run it for my Mac mini system.  Yea!

We ended up buying a Hewlett Packard Scanjet 5550c, which has an automatic
document feeder on it.  It isn't blazingly fast, but it doesn't dawdle too
badly for a low-end scanner.  The nice thing is that you can load up the
document feeder and walk away.  It'll scan all the pages from the
document feeder unattended.

The test scans we've made on it have OCRed pretty well so far.  We paid
$280 for The 5550c, which seems pretty reasonable for a 48 bit 2400 dpi
scanner with the features it has.  It can be used on both a Mac or a PC
Windows system, and includes OCR software for both.

HP has a more expensive version of the 5550c, which is called a
Scanjet 5590.  It's priced at $400, is slightly faster, and can do duplex
scanning with its automatic document feeder.  It uses the exact same
software to run it.

The software you need for the Mac to do the OCR translations is called
"ReadIris," made by a company called Iris.  It comes with the scanner at
no extra charge, or can be purchased separately if you get a scanner that
is Mac compatible but doesn't have ReadIris included.  I looked it up, and
it's priced at $125.

Now that we've figured out how do do it, we need to have things quiet down
here so we can do some scanning!!

Thanks to everyone here for their suggestions, and warm support.

Judy s.

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