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This is book 19 in Lilian Jackson Braun's Cat Who series.

When small items disappear throughout the town, the residents are up in
arms! Pickax has seldom fallen victim to "big city" crimes, particularly
during the holiday season. But after the bridge club's money is stolen, the
townspeople decide that there is more to this mystery. The rash of petty
thievery started when banker Willard Carmichael and his much younger (and
flashier) wife, Danielle, moved to Pickax from Down Below. Along with their
big-city lifestyle, Willard brought plans  to restore the Victorian houses
on Gingerbread Alley (fondly known as Pleasant Street). Unfortunately,
Willard is murdered in an apparent mugging Down Below.

When a local man is accused of the thievery, newspaper columnist Jim
Qwilleran has serious questions about the recent crimes plaguing Pickax. For
one thing, Danielle's cousin Carter Lee seems too eager to pick up where
Willard left off in the restoration project. When he begins to romance
wealthy widow Lynette Duncan, things really go awry. The whirlwind courtship
ends as a new marriage. When Lynette is mysteriously poisoned while on her
honeymoon in New Orleans, Qwill has a moustache-twitching suspicion that
Carter is not the grieving widower and it isn't the recent flood in Pickax
that has Koko in an uproar. It's up to Qwill, Koko and Yum Yum to set the
town right and bring the guilty parties to justice before both the Duncan
family fortune and Pickax are destroyed by greed.

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