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Hi All:

I had a couple of scanning questions.  First, I have a program that came with 
my Ebson Perfection 3500 scanner that is called "abby fine reader 6.0 sprint"  
I do not have Kurzweil or Open book and was wondering if this program could be 
used as a substitute for Kurzweil.  How do I use it?  I clicked on it and it 
gave me a license agreement and then it didn't do anythng when I hit okay; it 
didn't go into a blank document or anything.

I was also wondering which was the best scanning software to buy if I hd to buy 
one.  I used to use a program that was called Text Cloner Pro but it was 
horrible.  For scanning straight fiction novels, which one is better?  Is one 
recognition engine in Kurzweil case better for scanning and recognizing text 
with a novel since it uses finereader and another recognition software?

Also, do most of you scan the entire novel and then read it or scan one page 
and read that page at a time?

Thanks for your help in advance and sorry if some of the questions are ignorant.


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