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I did!
I scanned the book, but page 213 was garbled.
I tried for many months to get either the book, or a copy of
page 213.
The people of Concordia college in Moorhead Minnesota sent me a
photo copy of page 213.
This weekend, I will scan that page, place it in the book and
submit the book.

Sorry about the trouble.
If the book comes though, keep it. I will note here when I
submit the book.

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> So long ago that I can't remember when or why, I
> requested Our Oldest Enemy, America's Disas ..., by J.
> Miller, from my library. It's now in transit.
> Did someone want missing pages scanned? I don't find
> the book on the download list, on Marissa's list, or
> in the collection. If no one wants anything from it
> I'll send it back.
> Cindy
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