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  • Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 15:13:14 -0800 (PST)


I think it's wonderful that you can hear music in your
head. I can sometimes, if it's familiar enough, but
not otherwise, and when I can, it's only one melody or
part part at a time. And I can't visualize in three
dimensions either. I did fine in high school math
until I got to solid geomtry, and that was the one
second "C" I got in high school (the first was
physics--I wish now I'd taken chemistry, not that I's
have done any better--smile--but it might have been
more interesting).

I wish, too, that I could smell colors, or see things
as colors, as some of you had mentioned. That would be


--- Kellie Hartmann <hart0421@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> I'm really amazed by people's ability to look at a
> diagram using an opticon one piece at a time and
> mentally synthesize it. I've never been able to look
> at something in pieces and imagine the whole. This
> inability sometimes hampers my Scrabble playing.
> Incidentally, I was born totally blind. I won't even
> let anyone teach me chess because I know that my
> inability to imagine the board and the consequences
> of future moves would make me a terrible player, and
> who wants to learn a game just so they can lose?
> <lol> 
> I do know one totally sighted person who says she
> can't visualize anything in her head. I think it's a
> worse handicap when you're blind though because if
> you're sighted you can actually look at something,
> such as a chessboard or diagram, all in one piece
> instead of trying to take it in one little bit at a
> time.
> I am completely hopeless at looking at tactile 2/-d
> drawings and understanding how they would be in 3-d.
> It was a big problem in middle school math. I also
> can't make mental maps, although I can use tactile
> ones meaningfully. I like tactile tables and bar
> graphs, but more complicated representations are
> completely incomprehensible to me. I can't even
> visualize a simple object in my mind and think at
> the same time. <lol> I've come to the conclusion
> that this ability, or lack there of as the case may
> be, isn't necessarily related to how much vision the
> person has, although it seems from discussions on
> the subject that having more vision or having had
> more vision even in early life does help. 
> On the other hand, I can hear music in my mind in
> great detail, either things I've heard before or
> things I mentally compose myself. I thought that
> everyone could do this, until a really interesting
> discussion I had with a group of people on the
> subject. One of the people definitely has much
> greater musical ability than me, but he says that
> when he hears music in his mind it's basically the
> sound of himself humming and that's all. I've heard
> one piece that he composed, and it was incredibly
> complex--I really wonder how he can do that.
> Okay, enough of my ranting--I have a cold and am
> just sitting here at the computer trying to distract
> myself.
> Kellie

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