[bookshare-discuss] Re: OT. Oldtime Radio site free for blind individuals

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Absolutely. I've been involved with OTR on the net for about 7 years now. I 
have a yahoo!group dedicated to the topic in fact. I've amassed over 30,000+ 
shows for free over the years and enjoy listening to them from time to time. 
Lately all my efforts have been pushed towards BookShare, but when I finally 
get burned out (if that is possible <grin>) I'll pry take a break into OTR.

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> Hi.  I'm not sure what this is about since you didn't give much context,
> but there is absolutely no reson why anyone should have to sign up or
> register to access OTR in mp3 online.  Here are just a few sites that
> feature lots of shows to listen to or download.
> http://www.glowingdial.com/
> http://www.acbradio.org/ and go to Treasure Trove
> http://wayback.net/
> http://vintageradioplace.com/broadcast/
> Those are just a few that come to mind.  There are many, many others.  The
> above sites will have links to more shows.
> At 07:39 PM 4/29/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>>You can sign up at thayne.com. Looks like they have quite a good
>>selection for anyone interested in oldtime radio.

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