[bookshare-discuss] Re: OT. Oldtime Radio site free for blind individuals

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What about First Generation Archives out of Washington State.  They sell 
digital oldtime radio disks. I think their url is 
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> Hi.  Naturally, you are going to be limited by cassettes in terms of
> quality.  I will say that even cassettes are generally much better quality
> than mp3 though.  You should try listening to OTR on CD.  It really sounds
> amazing if it has been restored with care.  If you want to send me your
> mailing address off list, I can send you a couple of restored CDs for your
> comparison.  Also, the closer they are to first generation, the better. 
> It
> amazes me that people would throw away such good quality by the high
> compression used for mp3.
> At 11:52 PM 4/30/2005 -0700, you wrote:
>>A couple of years ago my kids gave us a collection or
>>Old Time Radio audio cassettes. We played them on the
>>tape player in the car; the quality was o.k. It
>>brought back memories, since I used to listen to those
>>programs growing up.

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