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I am now deaf-blind but the deafness came later...  Have been blind from
birth.  I could do what they call "play by ear", but I was interested in
classical music, (the correct term is serious music) and learned that from
Braille music.  I no longer play for the simple reason that I cannot enjoy
it!!!  <smile>

Sue S.

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-Sue, That's interesting. S you play the piano, and
Jana sings.  Do you play professionally, or for

May I ask, were you blind when you learned to play the
piano? If so, how did you read the music? Did someone
play it and then you could play from hearing it, like
some prodigies?

I though Jana or Kellie said recently, when you all
were talking about Rui's chat, that you are deaf, or
hard of hearing. Did that affliction come later? Do
you compose, too?


 52is the year I gave my
> first piano recital.  1952.
> Sue S.
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> Sue,
> Where did you get Siss52?  I assume you don't have
> 52 sisters.

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