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Hi all.  I am appealing to any nfbtrans users out there.  Can you please 
help with this?  If you're interested but don't have nfbtrans, you can 
download it from the following link.


It is a DOS program but can be compiled under Linux.  There is a Windows 
front end for it, but unfortunately I don't think that will work because of 
the formatting complexities.  Also, we need people with both embossers and 
notetakers to test this.  We would like to get the best, most ideal 
combination of command line switches possible.

I am asking for your help because I would like Project Gutenberg to make 
Braille files of their books available on their download pages.  They are 
very willing to help out, but they need to know what settings to use for 
nfbtrans.  I am including the message from the webmaster below.  Feel free 
to spread this to other lists also if you think other people can help.  It 
would be especially good if you are on a PAC-Mate or BrailleNote 
list.  Also we need people to test embossers.  If you have other questions, 
please ask me and I can send them either to the list or the PG 
webmaster.  You can contact the webmaster at webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Here 
is the link to download books from PG for testing.


Below is his message.  Thanks all for your help.

>Tony Baechler wrote:
>>I think there might be someone on one of the lists that uses nfbtrans and 
>>could help more with the switches.
>Just ask some people to download a selection of PG files, run them thru 
>nfbtrans and print a few test pages on the embosser or read them on the 
>PDA. You should get at least a dozen or so different files from different 
>producers done in different years. Formatting of PG texts has changed over 
>the years.
>What we want is the set of commandline options that give the best results 
>for most of the blind people out there.
>Marcello Perathoner
>gutvol-d mailing list

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