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Thanks for the good ideas about formatting newspapers for easier reading.  I 
had several on my flash card for the Braillenote but got frustrated trying 
to find the articles themselves so deleted them.  Seems like it would be 
faster to read on Newsline letting the phone system find the article 
beginnings rather than editing the Braille file though it's always good to 
have several ways of getting information.  Just my two cents worth.


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> Hi Patti,
> Here is how I handle newspapers.
> Before I transfer the paper from the computer to my Braille Lite, I put it
> into WordPad and do a search and replace.  Most dashes in the files have
> spaces around them.  so I replace space hyphen hyphen space with hyphen
> hyphen.  Then, I save and exit.  I do this because it has the effect of
> making things paragraph properly in the BLT.
> I then transfer the file to the BLT with WinDisk.  I open the file on the
> unit.
> I then look for the words, "Begin Content."  These words are both
> capitalized.  I set a mark, go to the beginning of the file, and delete 
> all
> prior material.
> I move from section to section by searching for letter sign, capital S
> colon.  I use capital a colon to look for articles.

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