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HHi Janice,

Out of curiosity, where is your office and where is Peter's office?  I know
we get in touch with all of you through bookshare.org,, but it is just
interesting to know who hangs out at the Palo Alto office and who does not.
We know Chuck and Marissa are located at the main office.  On the internet
people could be located iin Timbuctoo.  <smile>>>>

It was good to have a message from you on the bookshare-discuss list.


Sue S.
Member and validator

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Ok. It's time to say hi...=20
Marissa's on a plane. Mr. Galindo is on holiday and back on Monday (so
book update will happen when he returns).=20

The good news (or bad news)....

You have Peter.  You have me. =20

And, of course, you have the hundreds of other Bookshare.org fans.

Have met some of you.  Look forward to meeting more.  Thanks for
continuing to do so much for Bookshare.org.


Janice Carter
Director, Literacy Programs
480 S. California Ave., Suite 201
Palo Alto, CA 94306-1609 USA
(650) 475-5440 x122
(650) 759-5828 cell
(650) 475-1066 fax
The Benetech Initiative - Technology Serving Humanity=20

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Hi Rick,

I don't think anyone on the lists would know what's going on except
We know she has been in the office because she has taken care of some
problems.  I have wondered about the new books too.  Gustavo, are you in
out?  <smile>

Sue S.

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Hi everyone,

Does anyone know what is going on with the New books part of the site?
There hasn't been an update since Saturday.  Perhaps, someone is out of

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