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That is the way it ends.  But in his next book, Seizure, the girls are
referred to and we go to the offshore Wingate Clinic...  It is abrupt but
there is nothing missing.

Sue S.

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     I downloaded and just read Robin Cook's "Shock" in Daisy format from
the New Books List recently.  The book ends adruptly at page 472 or 474 with
the security chief telling the doctors that they would be moving their
operations offshore sooner than they planned.  Then my Victor reader locks
up and I have to do a Alt-Ctrl-Del to get out of it.  I don't remember
Doctor Cook ending his stories like this and we never find out what happens
to the two women.  I am wondering if this is another book in which the last
few pages are missing?  Has anyone else read this book?
     This topic has come up before and I believe most agree that it is
annoying to read a 400 page book and not get the ending.  If I am correct
about Shock missing the ending then  one of the following should be the
   1. The original computer file from the OCR program is missing the last
few pages. Could the person who scanned this book originally please check
   2. The program that converts the files to Daisy format is cutting off the
   3. The compression program that inserts our name and passwords into the
file and compresses it into the .bks format is cutting off the ending.
   4. The upload program on Bookshare's end or the download program in my
Internet Explorer is chopping off the ending (unlikely since it is now a
compressed file.)
   5. The unpak   program on my computer is lunching the end of the book (if
so,  why does it only do this on some books and not others?)
Or is there some other cause?  Could someone at Bookshare please look into
this problem. I don't want to be a complainer and I'm willing to help track
the problem down if given instructions, but the  missing pages at the end is
   And I apoligise in advance if page 472 is actually the end of this book.

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