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Hi. Actually that 10 volumes is misleading. They are very small, about half the size of normal volumes. I think there are only about 100 pages per volume. I'm not sure why they did it that way. National Braille Press transcribed it in a hurry so maybe they used their magazine format because of that. I'm not sure.

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Hi, again, Sue. I forgot to mention that when I did a search to find out if "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' was available, I just did a simple search, no key words, with Harry Potter in the title field, and 'all' in the Material Types field selected. I got 26 records. I did not read through them all, but links to the Braille versions of several Harry Potter - or Potter-related - books came up. Geepers, Goblet of Fire is ten volumes! So tell me that NLS's search engine is not flaky.

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