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  • Date: Sun, 22 May 2005 22:36:29 -0400

Hi Duane,

If you want to get back to looking for page breaks enter a ^m in your 
search field, and if you want a section break enter ^b.  After your first 
search with the new search string your ctrl-page keys should go back to 
looking for the page or section breaks.  If you forget which ^ keys to use, 
go to your find screen and tab down until you hear special, and then use 
your up arrow key until you hear hard page break or section break, 
depending on which your file is using to delineate pages.



At 10:05 PM 5/22/2005, you wrote:
>More then Honor isn't up yet, because I had to rescan the book.
>Having just done so, I decided to try editing the book in
>MS-Word rather then in Word Perfect as my converting back and
>forth seems to add problems.
>I have a question and a problem.
>First the problem.
>When I use the control-page-down key or the control-page-up key,
>it moves me from one page to the next and puts my cursor on the
>very top line of the page.
>This is very nice for counting pages, detecting missing page
>brakes and the like.
>But if I use either the find command, control-F, or the go-to
>command, Control-G, my control-page-down and control-page-up key
>don't work.  In fact, they display what ever I last used in the
>find or go-to command.
>Is there any way, short of exiting WORD, and restarting and
>reloading to get my control-page keys to work properly after
>using a control find command?
>Here is my question.
>Word Perfect had a block command,  you could use a beginning
>block command at the start of the text, and move your cursor to
>the end.  If you went a little past, no problem.  You just
>arrowed back to where you wanted to be, and put in an end-block.
>You could then cut, copy, move or what ever your block.
>I know you can highlight with the control arrow keys, but if you
>go to far, one move backward UN-highlights your whole block of
>Is there anything in Word analogous to the block commands?
>For example. Is there a delete-page?  Then you could use page
>brakes as your block commands.
>Sincerely Yours,
>Duane Iverson

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