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Hi Everyone,

I thought I would forward this message on to you all. This book sounds really neat. I was hoping it was on BookShare, but not sure if it is or not. Please read this below.

Pat Ferguson
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I would like to announce the publication of the book I wrote in honor of my Seeing Eye Dog Suzie who passed away 3 years ago and I miss her as if she left yesterday.

This is the info:

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Dear Suzie

A unique relationship between an exceptional guide dog and her human partner...

The deep, spiritual connection between them through the ethereal thread of LOVE.

This book will intrigue and amaze you...  You'll ponder, laugh and cry.


Grace Franchi




0-7414-2382-0 ©2005


Infinity Publishing



February 2005



Book Size:

5.5 x 8.5, 357 pages



The book can be found in major book stores and in the internet:





This lively story is divided in three parts -- letters from Suzie to a cat in the street and other epistles, fragments of e-mail messages about Suzie after her death and pieces of Mommy?s journal about her.

Due to its visages of fiction, such as a dog who writes letters, the book can be catalogued as fantasy. However, it's based on our experiences together, real facts such as her life as a working dog and the pet of an animal lover mommy. Suzie and I have had a very close relationship and we were so tuned with each other that I have been able to translate her feelings and thoughts into words. For that reason I sincerely can state that Suzie and I wrote this book together. We began writing this story soon after I brought her home, full of hopes and plans for a future that I imagined endless. Life is unpredictable, my Suzie departed unexpectedly and I had to walk alone the rest of the road.

Suzie, a gorgeous and clever German Shepherd Seeing Eye Dog, writes letters to a cat in the street. In these letters she describes her life as an ingenious working dog as well as the adored pet of an animal lover mommy who stimulates her emotionally and intellectually. The reader also learns about the life of her friend Cat and her struggles to survive in a city that each day turns more hostile to animals due to the construction of new buildings and constant deforestation.

The core of this book is the extraordinary and unique love relationship between this dog and her human. Other topics present in this volume are animal rights, the exploitation of animals, vegetarianism, natural healing and the environment, as well as the void, sadness and loneliness of the author when her beloved dog passed away, the emotional support of other humans and the spiritual connection between Suzie and her mommy through the invisible silver cord called LOVE.

The book is witty, colorful, ingenious, sentimental... It makes you laugh and cry. This is a subject that animal lovers of all ages would enjoy reading. Besides being very entertaining, it also can be very helpful for people who have lost a dear animal.

This book is a written homage to my unforgettable beloved dog Suzie who is waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge.


Grace Franchi is a Messianic, vegetarian, animal lover, animal rights activist, nutrition and natural hygiene counselor and writer.

The author wrote and published poems, short stories and articles about health and natural lifestyle. She also has given lectures and talked about natural healing on radio and television.

Grace speaks several languages, likes to play domino, grows plants and is interested in animals, the environment, music, books, arts, computers and volunteer work. She lives with her Guide Dog, a sweet Labrador named Annie.
In victory with Yeshua Messiah in my heart
Irena Franchi
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