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Hi, Dave and Cindy!  Christian fiction is basically fiction that attempts to 
convey a Christian message of some sort.  Usually, several of the characters 
are Christians and embrace the Christian lifestyle.

I tend to prefer the Christian books that include characters that are very 
human and who don't talk in what I call Christianese. <Smile>  I scanned a 
series called The Orphan Train recently for Bookshare.  These books are 
Christian in nature, written by Al and JoAnna Lacey.  Not too long ago, I 
read the first one, and while I enjoyed the story, I really didn't like the 
fact that many of the characters spoke in such spiritual terms that they 
didn't seem like real people.  I also found the style of the writing to be 
very wordy, but I've found that problem in non-Christian books, too, at 

You can find all types of genres, everything from mysteries to westerns to 
romances.  If you're interested, a good on-line source for Christian fiction 
which happens to be one of my favorite places to shop. <Smile>  It's also 
fun to visit a Christian bookstore sometimes, just to see what they have.

Hope this explains things a little better!  Take care!


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> Thanks for asking. I've been wondering, too. The one
> Jan Karon book I validatedwas about a minister and his
> community and family -- I think it was part of the
> Mitford series, and so I'm assuming that that fits
> into the category. I' started to validate one
> Catherine Cookson which I had to reject because it had
> so many errors and I wasn't interested in the story.
> I've started to do another one that I've temporarily
> put aside, but these both seem to be about lower-class
> English of long ago. I thought of them as historical
> novels. I do plan to get back to it, but I'll release
> it if anoyone wants it. I also have two Grace Hill.
> These are books that were sitting untouched on the
> download list for months and months and had been
> released by many people before I took them -- but
> again, I'll release them if someone else wants to try
> them. They're txt and were scanned by the person that
> people complain submit books that are not in good
> condition.
> Cindy
> --- talmage@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> The topic of this thread, and in particular the
>> subject of the series
>> mentioned in the previous message, caused me to
>> wonder, what exactly is,
>> and what constitutes Christian Fiction?
>> I can understand the "Left Behind" series, but I am
>> left wondering what
>> decides whether or not a book falls into such a
>> category.
>> Dave
>> At 01:59 AM 6/14/2005, you wrote:
>> >Hi, Pshon!  you might enjoy The Zion Covenant, by
>> Brock and Bodie Thoene.
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