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Going away from dogs for a moment, and just submitted the folllowing horsy 
title, for the ladies, and the gentemen who want to find out what it is with 
women and horses.

Is under the .rtf section of the website for validators, and should be an 
easy validation needs a spell check but besides that nothing much.  I 
checked pagination, removed headers kept page numbers, fixed chapter 
headings so that they wouldn't be destroyed, and did some other stuff, 
removing junk characters.

She Flies Without Wings

by Mary D. Midkiff


"Lyrical. Poetic. Powerful...Destined to become a classic...a stirring

volume about the profound and intense relationship between women and

horses. Midkiff is a splendid writer and has produced a truly breakthrough

book. Run out and buy a copy for yourself, and pick up an extra for

your favorite girlfriend." -Horsemen's Yankee Pedlar

From a renowned horsewoman and gifted storyteller comes this

groundbreaking new book that explores a powerful relationship like no

other: the magical kinship between women and horses. Drawing from

myth and literature, the author's own experiences, and interviews with

countless women, we learn, through women's deeply personal stories, how

horses enrich our lives and connect us to nature-making us readers

of rhythm and invisible signs, helping us harness our youthful sexuality,

sharing the "horsepower" we need to reach our dreams. And here we see

how, for thousands of years, the deep kinship between women and horses

has connected us to our most intimate feelings of delight, helped us learn 

solve problems, and set our creativity free. From the poetry of Geoffrey

Chaucer to the fiction of Jane Austen to folktales from around the world,

She Flies Without Wings uses great literature and myth to encompass a wide

spectrum of beliefs and perspectives-and creates a true celebration of

speed, air, and the spectacular animal that connects us with both.

Filled with the moving lessons-about sensuality, commitment, power,

nurturance, and spirituality-women riders have known for centuries,

written with a loving hand by an expert equestrian, She Flies Without Wings

is an eloquent paean to a pairing that enlivened history, inspired

literature, and continues to enchant us all.

"Lyrical and compelling, Midkiff's prose speaks to the depth of a

woman's soul." -Susan Chernak McElroy, New York Times bestselling

author of Animals As Teachers & Healers

Visit our website at www.bantamdell.com. Visit the author at 

Shelley L. Rhodes and Judson, guiding golden
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