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On 2/27/2011 10:47 PM, Sue Stevens wrote:
Hi Kelly,
If you have your display set for Grade II Braille on the computer, and if you are going to read the books on your computer, you may want to download the DAISY, because if you download brf, it will look really weird on your display. Unless you want to go into your screen reading program and turn Grade II off. If Grade II is off, you can read brf files in notepad. Just download them as they are, and open with notepad.
Hope this helps,
Sue S.

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    I've done most of my book reading with speech but want to read
    some more of the material I read in Braille on a display.  From
    those who do this more regularly, what's the best environment to
    do this?  By environment I mean settings in a screen reader,
    settings for downloading of the brf files and app to view the brf



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Where will you read the Grade II files if you do not want to put them on grade 1? I mean, how would you do it with the daisy file, and which one of the 8 files will work? thanks.


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