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On the next B&B taping, we have Lee Simonson, the publisher of Heart 
Warmers, Kid Warmers, and pet Warmers. We've had columnists on before, but 
this time we have the actual publisher of the web site. If you've ever read 
any of those stories, you'll know how warm and wonderful they really are. 
With Mr. Simonson, we'll talk about the history of these columns and about 
how stories are chosen each week for your reading pleasure. The web site is 
www.heartwarmers.com. Here you can read some of the stories and subscribe to 
have them delivered to your inbox weekly. Bring your best-sounding 
microphone and some thought-provoking questions for this interesting guest. 
You won't be disappointed. Look below for how, when, and where to 
To participate in the taping of Books & Beyond, go to
>  and click on the politics room. If this is your
> first time, your computer will download the appropriate software to allow
> the virtual chat room to function. Just follow the prompts and enter the
> room and join the discussion.
> To listen to the stream, go to
> , click
> on the mainstream page and choose your player and connection speed. You
> should begin hearing the stream shortly.
> We tape the show every Thursday morning at 0 hours UTC, or Wednesday
> evening
 at 8pm EST.
> The show is streamed every Sunday morning at 1 hour UTC or Saturday
> at 9pm EST.
> After the show, please write to
 with your feedback. 

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