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Dale Campbell is a familiar name to all of us who listen to Cooking In The 
Dark. On his  show, Dale shares  recipes while making them as well. Many 
people cook, but many are not willing to use a stove or an oven. Why are 
people afraid? How does this impact on them nutritionally? What steps can 
take to become more comfortable with using a stove and more comfortable when 
dealing with    hot foods? Where does this fear come from? Are we, as blind
people, too concerned about how food looks to sighted people? What ideas 
have we bought in to that don't matter? How does one find the most 
foods  when shopping? How can we learn to be more savvy consumers? What can 
we do to promote safety while cooking?
Dale will answer these and other questions tonight and share hints and 
products that will help us in the kitchen. How did Dale become so 
comfortable with
cooking? This is a show for curious women who love to cook and the men they 
love who would like to learn more. Now look below for how, when and where to 
join us.
To participate in the taping of Books & Beyond, go to
>  and click on the politics room. If this is your
> first time, your computer will download the appropriate software to allow
> the virtual chat room to function. Just follow the prompts and enter the
> room and join the discussion.
 We tape the show each Thursday morning at 0 hours UTC, or Wednesday evening 
at 8pm eastern time. After the show, write to bonnie@xxxxxxxxxxxx with your 

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