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Tonight, we journey further in to the   concerns, and passions of Paul 
Petersen's life in  this second and last part of the two hour interview with 
on Books And Beyond. Paul shares stories of former child celebrities who 
long ago became his  friends as they traveled the rocky road of stardom 
How did his organization A Minor Consideration help them all deal with 
problems and crises in their lives? How does this advocacy group help child 
today? Are child stars finances being protected and how is that 
accomplished? Who helps? What has happened to   some of your favorite stars? 
How did they
define success after the accolades of stardom ended? Are they happy? 
Petersen shares this  and much more including thoughts about parenthood 
today,   television
and what we can do to  return it to its former glory when it was fun and had 
something to say to us all.
Now see below for how, when and where to hear the fascinating conclusion to 
this interview.
To listen to the stream, go to
> , click on the mainstream page and choose your player and connection 
> speed.
You should begin hearing the stream shortly.
The show is streamed each Sunday morning at 1 hour UTC or Saturday evening
> at 9pm EST.
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