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On this week's Books And Beyond, our guest will be Robert Bennett, author of 
Blind Traveler Down a Dark River, RC61850. The book takes place in the near 
future, and it's about a
newly-blinded man with a specially designed GPS system. The equipment
malfunctions, and he is thereby privy to a murder that takes place a few
blocks away from his location. Since the authorities won't listen to him, he
starts his own investigation into the incident. Mr. Bennett's web site is
Look below for the information about how and where to hear this very 
interesting show.
To participate in the taping of Books & Beyond, go to
>  and click on the politics room. If this is your
> first time, your computer will download the appropriate software to allow
> the virtual chat room to function. Just follow the prompts and enter the
> room and join the discussion.
> To listen to the stream, go to
> , click
> on the mainstream page and choose your player and connection speed. You
> should begin hearing the stream shortly.
> We tape the show every Thursday morning at 0 hours UTC, or Wednesday
> evening
 at 8pm EST.
> The show is streamed every Sunday morning at 1 hour UTC or Saturday
> at 9pm EST.
> After the show, please write to
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