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Our guest tonight on Books And Beyond is Terry L. Miller, a California 
native and author of Seeing What I See; Memoirs of A Blink. This honest and 
funny book reveals Terry's memories of growing up in a large family.   What 
was it like growing up with so many siblings? How did the disability of his 
brother affect the amount of time and attention his parents were able to 
give? Did having brothers and sisters help him form friendships in the 
community with sighted children? Were his experiences in childhood play more 
adventurous and varied as a result? Terry shares  all this and much more 
about himself. How has he fared in adulthood? What jobs and opportunities 
has he pursued? Has he, like many members of large families,  kept in close 
contact with his brothers and sisters  throughout the years? Terry will talk 
about that and much more.  Join us and   learn about the life of a man whose 
varied interests and experiences will make him an intriguing guest. Now read 
below for how, when and where to join us.
To participate in the taping of Books & Beyond, go to
>  and click on the politics room. If this is your
> first time, your computer will download the appropriate software to allow
> the virtual chat room to function. Just follow the prompts and enter the
> room and join the discussion.
 We tape the show each Thursday morning at 0 hours UTC, or Wednesday evening 
at 8pm eastern time. After the show, write to bonnie@xxxxxxxxxxxx with your 

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