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Have you ever wondered how a writer goes from complete obscurity to the New 
York Times best sellers list? What do you have to do, and who do you have to 
On this week's show, we speak with Brad Meltzer, best selling author of such 
works as The Tenth Justice, The First Counsel, and his latest book, The Book 
of Fate, about these and other issues. His web site is www.bradmeltzer.com. 
If, after hearing this show, you go to that web site and write to him, you 
will get a personal response from the author himself.
Now look below for how, when and where to hear this most engaging show.
To listen to the stream, go to
> , click on the mainstream page and choose your player and connection 
> speed.
You should begin hearing the stream shortly.
The show is streamed each Sunday morning at 1 hour UTC or Saturday evening
> at 9pm EST.
After the show, write to bonnie@xxxxxxxxxxxx with your feedback.

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