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Paul Petersen is a familiar name to anyone who was or is still a fan of the 
Donna Read show. For those of you not familiar with his name, Paul played 
son Jeff on this wonderful family comedy  from the late 50s. We grew up  and 
we forgot about the child actors we saw as children ourselves. Paul did not
forget! For many years, he has been committed to a passionate interest in 
helping those child actors we all love and remember through A Minor 
an advocacy group for former child actors and actresses founded by him. What 
happens to them after their moments of fame and stardom are gone? How well
do they adjust to life in the so called "real world"? What does being famous 
and living in the limelight do to a child star? Petersen answers these  and
many other questions; Most of all, he shares his love of those who had  a 
similar experience to his own. If you want to hear from someone who loves 
medium of television, listen to Paul tonight and I guarantee  you will come 
away with your faith and hope in television restored. He is a celebrity, and
for many of us he will always be a star, but Paul Petersen is a man who 
cares.   There is much wrong with television today.  After listening to Paul 
you will find yourself shaking your head in agreement and know yourself to 
be far richer for having listened to what he has to say. This is a Books And
Beyond you will not soon forget. Paul's web site is www.paulpetersen.com. 
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