[booksandbeyond] some patchwork for Books And Beyond

  • From: "Nancy Lynn" <freespirit52@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2007 13:59:25 -0500

Due to a personnel shake-up at Books And Beyond, we need some people who are 
willing to patch future guests into the virtual chat room where we record 
the show. We'd like to have about 4 people who can be put on a schedule to 
patch the guests in each week. You would call the guests on the phone and 
then bring them into the chat room so that Bonnie and the other participants 
can hear them and they can hear us. I'd say it would take about 90 minutes 
of your time on the night you patched for us. We call the guests about 10 or 
15 minutes before the show for a sound check, and then sometimes the show 
itself goes a bit over time. We generally do the shows each Wednesday 
evening at 8pm eastern time, 5 pacific time or midnight UTC, although this 
changes from time to time depending on the needs of the particular guest. 
You would need to have flat rate unlimited long distance as our guests come 
from all over the US. You'll always be given the guest's phone number in 
advance of the show. Sometimes we get lucky and guests are willing to come 
into the chat room with their own computers, but, most of the time they 
either can't or aren't willing to do so. If the show is to have flexibility 
and variety, we can't make this an absolute requirement for the guests. The 
schedule can be flexible, and we're willing to work around your other 
commitments. This is why we're looking for several people to work with us. 
We definitely need someone for this Wednesday evening. We can't pay you, 
but, if you work well with us, Bonnie will write a reference letter you can 
be proud to share with any prospective employer. Anyone who is interested 
can write me off list at freespirit52@xxxxxxxxxxx or call my Philmore box 
and leave your phone number there. The Philmore number is 773-572-3166. 
Either Bonnie or I will get back to you ASAP, and thanks to the people who 
respond to this. We'll really appreciate your help. 

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