[bookport] Re: returning the bpRe: Re: bp not working

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No. It's not essential. The original box is better, but not necessary.
The serial number is in the battery compartment, so they will check
that. The important thing is to include your name and address and to
pack it well. We receive them in all kinds of boxes and packages (you
wouldn't believe some of them). 

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>>> margo.downey@xxxxxxxxxxx 08/11/05 11:42AM >>>
to add to Dori's questions about sending the bookport back and I don't
need to send mine back so far but during a cleanup and reorganization
here at the house someone accidentally threw away the bookport box.  Is
that going to be a problem if I ever need to send it back?  I would take
it to a U P S store and have them pack it since they pack things

Margo and Elmo
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  Thanks, Pam.  I was not on the line with you and Marion for the whole

  conversation and so did not hear about sending it to the repair

  May I assume that all we need to ship back is the unit itself?  And,
is it 
  ok to ship with flash card and batteries installed

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