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Absolutely not! The Bookport is just a tool for recording memos... and not very good ones at that. I never use mine for recording anything.

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I am needing to record some study sessions, do you think the book port is a good tool for voice recording?


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In order to accomplish automatic launch, you need to have an entry in your Startup folder that is a shortcut pointing to the C:\Program Files\aph\Book Port Transfer\bpl.exe file. You can create this yourself, although installing the firmware should have done this. Verify that if this shortcut exists that it's enabled by opening the Run dialog and typing:


Then, navigate to the Startup tab and look for an item labeled Bookport Launcher and make sure that it's checked.

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Can you force the computer to find the BP by running the transfer software manually?

I know there's a feature to enable automatic launch, and maybe that's turned off.

Also, can you find the BP in "my computer"?

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