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Thanks, Sarah. You know, I tried that and it did do something strange. When I reconnected the Bookport after resetting it, I got a dialog box that said "Autoplay" and had a Cancel button. It stayed there for a bit and then went away.

I think, near as I can tell, that my computer thinks BookPort is an MP3 player ... which it is, I suppose ... but I'm unclear as to how to tell Windows not to treat it like an ordinary MP3 player. I found a check box in the library proprties of the drive that said "Enable Drive" and it as checked, but I feared if I unchecked the box then Windows wouldn't acknowledge Bookport's being connected at all.

<Frustrated> I'm pretty savvy with my computer when it comes to software, but when hardware issues come up I start to glaze over and whimper pathetically. <Grin>

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Hi BoomerDad,

Have you tried resetting your BookPort with 2+b? I had your same problem once and this is what fixed it for me.

HTH and good luck,


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Thanks for the tip; unfortunately it changed nothing.

It seems to see the Bookport as a TTS-MP3 player. Essentially, tha'ts
correct ... but nowhere does it say Bookport ... unless I go to Windows
Explorer and if I look at the Send To menu, it does list Bookpore (and it
says "Bookport") as one of the send-to options. I tried just using that to
send a book to Bookport, but it didn't work. <Sigh> Couldn't be that easy.
Grrrr... I don't get it. It's like everyone knows about the birthday party
but the guest of honor!
Everyone in my computer's innards seems to recognize Bookport ... except
Bookport Transfer!!

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Try rebooting your computer with the Bookport connected.

At 10:53 PM 8/16/2005, you wrote:
Hi. I just got my Bookport today and installed the transfer software, but
I can't get the transfer software to recognize Bookport. It would seem
Windows recognizes Bookport as another drive on my computer; I can even
use Windows Exporer to go in and look at the folders on Bookport ... but
when I run the Transfer program with Bookport connected via the USB cable,
I get the "not connected" sound and can't send any files to BOokport. Any
help here is greatly appreciated, because while I enjoy reading the manual
with BOokport, it's not exactly what I"d intended to use the device for.

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