[bookport] Re: ot, curious about the booksense

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Thanks muchly for the reply. I understand.......being a competeitor. Thanks for the suggestion.

All the best,


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You can probably Google this to find out more. Sin ce the Book Sense is a competitive product, we cannot discuss this on this list. Thank you.

Pamela Rader
APH Product Support and List Moderator

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Sorry I am a bit off topic.  Just curious, on which web site can a person
read all about and buy the Booksense? Is the booksense quite user friendly
for totally blind people?  Thanks for any help on  this.

All the best,


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well, you could get the booksense which has clearer speech.
On Feb 9, 2010, at 1:30 PM, Shell wrote:

I didn't get the stream, because I hated the voices and decided to wait
for a new port. I'm absolutely devastated that these voices will be used
in the new machines.  So, that's it for me, I won't be buying one now.

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Oh please, why the Samantha, Tom, etc. voices? PLEASE! Why not just
remain with DoubleTalk voice instead, it's better than that! DoubleTalk
is designed with Text in mind, has been for many years and you could
then also make the device an external USB supported synthesizer with
just some additional configuration. Even then a dictionary for words
could be added with double-tap keystrokes for changing pronunciation of
mispronounced words, etc. Is memory considerations why those voices were
chosen? There are just so many better choices than these voices!

Curtis Delzer.

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