[bookport] Re: ot, curious about the booksense

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You can probably Google this to find out more.  Sin ce the Book Sense is a 
competitive product, we cannot discuss this on this list.  Thank you.

Pamela Rader
APH Product Support and List Moderator

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Sorry I am a bit off topic.  Just curious, on which web site can a person 
read all about and buy the Booksense?  Is the booksense quite user friendly 
for totally blind people?  Thanks for any help on  this.

All the best,


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> well, you could get the booksense which has clearer speech.
> On Feb 9, 2010, at 1:30 PM, Shell wrote:
>> I didn't get the stream, because I hated the voices and decided to wait 
>> for a new port. I'm absolutely devastated that these voices will be used 
>> in the new machines.  So, that's it for me, I won't be buying one now.
>> Shell.
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>>> Oh please, why the Samantha, Tom, etc. voices? PLEASE! Why not just 
>>> remain with DoubleTalk voice instead, it's better than that! DoubleTalk 
>>> is designed with Text in mind, has been for many years and you could 
>>> then also make the device an external USB supported synthesizer with 
>>> just some additional configuration. Even then a dictionary for words 
>>> could be added with double-tap keystrokes for changing pronunciation of 
>>> mispronounced words, etc. Is memory considerations why those voices were 
>>> chosen? There are just so many better choices than these voices!
>>> Curtis Delzer.
>>> HS.
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