[bookport] Re: no response from bookport problem?

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Am with you on the bata thing Joanie.


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I have had my Book Port since May of 2004 and never had any problems.  I
have had to use the 2 plus B reset a few times and have taken the batteries
out a few times but that is the extent of any need to reset the unit in my
personal experience.  I do not download beta versions because I think there
is more of a chance you might develop a malfunction of the unit if you are
using beta, but that is strictly a personal decision for every Book Port
owner.  I tend to be overly cautious.


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I have seen a number of messages from this list of people not getting
responses at all from the bookport, even when batteries are taken out and
put back in, etc.  Is there a certain procedure to prevent this problem?
Does this happen often?  I just purchased a bookport, and I don't want to
get it and start getting it ready only to have to send it back to aph.

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