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Are there no folders at all on the CD?  There should be two of them: books =
and bp_image.

>>> bucc7465@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Monday, January 03, 2005 8:00:02 PM >>>
I only see the installation software when I look at the cd, also can't =
the status line.
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The books are in a folder on the CD called \boks.  Just browse to the CD =
and you should be able to see that folder.

You can look at the status line when you have the transfer software =3D
running and your BP connected.

You want type 1 flash cards.  These are the same ones used in cameras.

The Help key is the bottom center key.

The Space is the combination of the two middle keys in the bottom row when =
the unit is positioned for braille input.  The top row of keys represent =
the traditional six braille keys found on a braille writer.

These are, indeed, a lot of keys and commands to remember, but there is a =
pattern to them and once you realize the pattern and use the device for a =
few days, they will be much easier to remember and use.

Sorry, the unit does not currently read spanish.

When using the marks, notice that the second row is the "mark" row.  To =
mark a spot, press the seft and right keys together.  To find a mark in =
the backwards direction, press the two left keys.  To find one forward, =
press the two right keys.

>>> bucc7465@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Thursday, December 30, 2004 9:51:13 PM >>>
Okay, here we go.
1. Where are the electronic books mentioned in the manual? The CD just =3D
the software on it.
2. What size is the flash card with the BP? It said in the manual how =3D
tell the size but I can't find it.
3. I've done a prelim search for compactflash cards on the net, all are =
cameras, how can I tell the right kind to buy? Any recommendations?
4. Where is the help key and the space key the manual refers to?
5. I'm confused about the braille keyboard layout and the point of it  =3D
some one better explain?
6. The section on marking places and finding marks confused me, can some =
7. I want to play with the memo recorder, how do I delete my memos and =3D
8. How do I cut off the preview pain, its trying to read my Audible =3D
b/f downloading them and I don't want it to do that. I couldn't find how =
turn it off in the manual.
9. Can the BP support and read files in different languages such as =3D
10. How do you remember all of those short cut keys? I'm confused.
Thanks for all of the help,
Sarai D. Bucciarelli=3D20

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